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Are You Addicted to Christ? - Jonathan


Worship or Whine? - Jonathan


Redeem the Time - Jonathan


What Stage of Construction is Your Temple In? - Jonathan


The Least of These - Jonathan


Hold on to His Promises - Jonathan


Life Testimony - Israel


Born Again? - Jonathan


Birthmarks of Those Born Again - Jonathan


God Pursues You - Jonathan

Link to video clip used with this message


A God Who Sings and Shouts? - Jonathan


A Step of Faith - Jonathan


Doing Your Part - Jonathan


Thirsty? Hungry? - Jonathan


Why Worship? -  Jonathan

Link to music used in message


Why Go To Church? -  Jonathan


Why Pray? - Jonathan


Why Celebrate Communion? - Jonathan


Prodigal - Caleb Brafford


Why Do Christians Have Hope? - Jonathan


Isaiah 56- Jeremiah Lewis


Why Do Christians Love?- Jonathan


Why Give?- Jonathan


Will You Launch Into the Deep?- Jonathan








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